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Scanning of:
  • Paper Documents

  • Microfilm

  • Microfiche

  • Engineering Drawings

  • Aperture cards

In addition to these services, DataArc also provides:
  • Manual keying

  • OCR

  • PDF file creation

  • Custom import file creation

  • Indexing

Experience with various types of documents/departments:
  • Building Departments

  • Planning Departments

  • Engineering Departments

  • School Records

  • Assessor’s Files

  • Medical Records

  • Police Departments

  • Legal Files

  • Document destruction

  • Document storage

  • On-site services

Document Preparation

For paper based document collections there is almost always the need to make the documents “scanner ready”. Removal of binding, clips, staples, handling post-it notes, and taping of documents less that letter size to 8.5” X 11” paper to aid in scanning process. While this may appear as a very obvious step in the conversion process, it is also a very important one, and must be performed correctly. This process includes using bar code separator sheets to identify new documents as required.


Utilizing specialized scanners and software, DataArc captures images from paper documents of any size, microfilm, (16m& 35mm), microfiche, aperture cards, and engineering drawings. Image clean up and presentation functions such as, cropping, de-skewing, rotation, blank back-side removal, and de-speckling are tailored to the specifications of each client’s requirements.



Reliable retrieval of digital data is one of the primary objectives in any document management solution. DataArc manages this critical function through comprehensive operator training to each client’s indexing specification and rigid quality assurance checks to ensure conformance to any specified level of accuracy. Keypunch indexing is done with “Double Blind” entry. Comparison of the two entries is done electronically. Any differences are reviewed by a third operator and corrections made. This assures near perfect indexing. If you require these types of services contact us for more information. DataArc can format and deliver your data to any published specification.

Output Media and Delivery

Our client’s can choose from any number of output media types; CDR, CD/RW, DVD or hard drive.

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