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Why Outsource?


There are many factors in determining whether or not to outsource your scanning project. Most often, outsourcing these projects results in lower costs, better quality, and earlier completion. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your project to DataArc:



As we are a full service provider, we have and continue to evaluate and invest in the best conversion equipment available in the market today. Our knowledge of the technology and expertise of our staff enables us to provide you with competitive pricing and turnaround times.



We have a staff dedicated to scanning and indexing and have the ability to operate 24/7 when necessary. We can accurately estimate completion times to meet customer goals based on history of past jobs.



Our equipment, experience and professional methods produce the best quality results.



Many in-house projects can be a distraction and time drain on staff and management. By outsourcing to DataArc, the customer ensures that their core business does not get sidetracked and the project is completed on time and in budget.


Thinking about doing your own conversion?

You may think that doing your own document scanning is more cost effective or better than DataArc.

Here are some things to be considered when doing an evaluation to do the job internally versus using a company that specializes in document conversion:


Project Design and Set-Up

When does your conversion project have to be completed? Who will be responsible to see that the project is done in a timely manner and with quality results?


Project Management

Who in the department will manage the conversion project and who will handle this persons job that they normally perform during the conversion project management?

What level of document conversion expertise exists within the department? Is there equipment available internally to scan the various types of media such as engineering drawings or other large format items, documents, microfiche, microfilm, and aperture cards?


Document Preparation

Is there available staff to pull all staples and tape up torn documents and plan sheets? Will they be able to put the file back together correctly after scanning has been done? If temporary labor is used, will they toss out important papers during the prep process?



What type of errors can occur? What processes will be put into place to minimize problems? How will errors be reconciled once detected? Who is responsible for image quality?


Conversion Team

Your $10.00 to $12.00 per hour employee really costs about $14.80 to $20.00 per hour with workers comp insurance, sick pay, vacation etc.


Equipment Costs

After it is determined how many hours it will take to prep, scan and index the documents, add in the cost of equipment and annual maintenance fees of the various types of scanners and computers required.

Why use DataArc?



We have worked with clients that started doing the archiving project internally, and found error percentages when using temporary help was greater than 20%. DataArc guarantees an error rate will be less than 1.0%.


Project Schedule

Our only job is document archiving. Document prep, scanning, indexing and quality assure is what we do. We at DataArc will not be distracted and delayed internal every day issues.


Project Management

Stan Miner and Tony Westbrook, Archiving Division Principals, will oversee all aspects of your project.


Cost Effective

One we have reviewed your requirements, a detailed project scope of services will be provided that details each of the processes and cost for each. There will be no hidden costs.


Please contact us to provide a detailed cost analysis!

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